Friday, August 6, 2010

Google that Shizz

I google everything. (I love how google is a verb now) A couple weeks ago, I googled how to change a diaper...even "what to do when you can't open a pickle jar". Last year I even googled "What to do when you fall in love with your gaybest friend". I actually got answers that really helped me out! My jar was open, my niece's diapers were changed, and I felt a little less insane about my Fagella ( see Bad Romance )

So the other day, I decided to google myself for the hell of it. First couple links were facebook links, and then I found that a random blogger had quoted me on something that I did in college. Check it out @
It was for our end of the year project, which was to put on a fashion show complete with PR-Sponsors-Etc.. We had set up a class blog, and were to blog about anything that was inspiring us at the moment, in hopes of finding a theme for the show. I was heavy into the Montreal Club Scene. So of course I blogged about the NYC Club Kids of the 90s. They were amazing, still love them..Other than that I really only found out that there is a romance author named Karen Rose, an actress named Karen Gaviola, and a really cool eyewear designer named Karen Rose. Wow, I'm sooo popular and accomplished. Thank God, that was all though.. My dad told me last year, he googled my name with a few co-worers of his. Scary.
Have you ever googled yourself? Find any good dirt?


  1. i had not googled myself before, but you inspired me... here's what I discovered:

    I've done a great job of covering my tracks! :)

  2. haha thats so cool. im gonna google myself now

  3. I do google just about anything I can think of and google always has the answer. Now... I need to google myself. thanks for the idea. Wish me luck. =)

  4. Hi, thanks for following me. So I'm going to follow you back.

    Bart Simpson! lol

  5. i've always tried googling myself. that's because i want to see what people will see if i do! lol

    i've seen my name before. and turns out it was my friends blog. that was close. lol

    Then for recently. all that comes up are Facebook and my old blogs!! :)

  6. definitely goggled myself. inspired by the movie Wanted. thank goodness something came up!lol

  7. Dude, if you google me all you get is some bad romance writer with the same name...she's got the the first 7 pages.